'If you take this you won't get sick.'

Andrea Bocelli had it. Everyone here had it. (From August this year.) Moral of this story: ANYONE can get it, no matter the precautions. As described very early on, this is a HONEY BADGER VIRUS. It's VERY clever.

Another moral of this story: you need to take more precautions than mentioned here. You need a proper prophylactic protocol. As to why all these glittery pseudo-people didn't use such a protocol: They were denied this information (worldwide in effect) by Anthony 'I Am The Science' Fauci.

You need the protocols available at You need to start that NOW, not when you get sick. Your goal is 'Don't Get Sick'. As Pierre Kory of the FLCCC put it back in December 2020, before the US Congress, talking of the key drug IVERMECTIN:

'If you take this you won't get sick.'

If you already know this: fine. Then spread it to others. Keep telling them until they do the research, until they start to PAY ATTENTION.

Always welcome new information. Never accept flawed logic or shaky sources. Stick to the science. Your celebrities occasionally know something but, as seen in this piece, never know what they should know. Dunning-Kruger if you will. (There's a lot of that going around.) And be ready, for your 'authorities' are NOT telling you the truth. If this disturbs you, welcome to the club. And we can all discuss that later. But for now: this is your show, folks. You have to exercise some of that rumoured grey matter and work at this.

PS. You don’t want the vaccine. Specifically you want NOT to take the vaccine. Read up at That’s info from the US CDC. You should already know this and, if you do not, you need to ask yourself why and do something about it. Now.