Sweden's PM Löfven Resigns

From the Danish Ekstrabladet. Rush translation.

Sweden's Social Democratic prime minister Stefan Löfven has announced his resignation in November.


Congratulations, Sweden. Löfven has been a miserable prime minister. In fact, uniquely incompetent when it comes to the very basic task of a country's leader, to safeguard law and order and ensure the safety of the citizenry. It is on Löfven's watch that Sweden deteriorated into a gangland country.

The price for so many years - with a broad majority in the parliament - of having posed as 'the humanitarian superpower', as former foreign minister Carl Bildt put it, has been very high.

We're talking assassinations in broad daylight. As recently as last month a police officer. And then murdering even passers-by. As well as ghettos where firefighters and police dare not enter unless accompanied by a full military division.

We've been talking about this for years. As recently as a year and a half ago, Sweden's Social Democratic leader, despite this, appeared on television, claiming that culture and ethnicity have nothing whatsoever to do with the staggering rise in crime, violence, and murder.

If you place ethnic Swedes in the same social situation as the perpetrators, the result will be the same, the Prime Minister said: 'If you put people who were born in Sweden in the same conditions, you'll get the same results'. In addition, Stefan Löfven claimed no one was able to predict what happened either: 'I didn't see it coming!'

There have been cries for help for 15-20 years already, from the suburbs of Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö. Also from Social Democratic mayors. Which proves that political tone-deafness is not only a fatal political shortcoming, it's also been systemic amongst traditional Swedish political parties.

One can try to excuse Stefan Löfven by saying that Sweden has been in a parliamentary stalemate since the last election. And how impressive is it that the Social Democrats, despite a bourgeois majority, have retained power?

Here one forgets that up to 20 percent of Swedish voters, feeling helpless over the nation's transformation into a gangland country, vote for Sweden Democrats instead.

The only good thing to say about Stefan Löfven is: Throughout his seven years as Prime Minister, he has demonstrated that the politically correct approach is naive as well as self-destructive.