Welcome to the Dark Side

Please understand what's going on.

Nancy Ross speaks with Stew Peters. Who is Stew Peters? Heaven knows. Who is Nancy Ross? She's a 'POA' for Veronica Wolski.


OK, so who's Veronica Wolski? Put it like this: The first casualty of war is the truth. Put another way: it doesn't really matter. There are lots of stories circulating and you'd probably need several hours/days/weeks to figure out which of them are true.

But they don't matter. Veronica Wolski meeting flying saucers isn't the story. Her being denied life-saving treatment for Covid is.

This is a scary story. More: it's a chilling story. Veronica Wolski had the medicines that would have saved her life, she even had an attorney present to make sure she was given those medicines, but the hospital denied her.

There have been many stories like this. Most of them have a happy ending. For Ivermectin invariably saves lives. It's just not very popular with the billionaires and trillionaires of Big Pharma, is all.

Consult the FLCCC.net. And share a link to worldivermectinday.org. Save lives.